My name is
Carla Camilla Hjort.
For me, design is

human —

Founder & Director SPACE10 & ArtRebels

Member since 2017

Every day I think about designing a better tomorrow, and about how to channel my energy, skills and passion — and apply design thinking — to projects that make an impact and challenge the status quo.

Design is at once an intention — a purpose — and an act, and it can take endless forms and functions. Design isn’t defined by materials, but rather can be seen as fundamental to both people and the planet, and our material reality. Everything is designed to have a purpose, whether by nature or by mankind.

Design is what I do, though not in the sense that most people might associate. I design ideas, concepts and strategies. To me, design is an application of my intellect and ability to think across disciplines.

Design is fundamental to Denmark, and we should be proud of our design heritage. However, it’s high time we thought about Danish design as more than just furniture.

As John Maeda, the former president of the Rhode Island School of Design, once said, if art is the question to a problem, then design is the solution.

Design is increasingly about rethinking how we produce things and transforming our “take, make, dispose” economy into a more sustainable, circular one. At the same time, design is increasingly about the virtual realm and things we cannot necessarily see or touch, such as the voice of a digital assistant or the experience of using natural interfaces.

Carla Camilla is a creative and cultural entrepreneur with a deep passion for people, radical ideas and meaningful design. The common denominator for everything she does is her wish to develop projects, businesses and communities that leads to positive change. “The Rebel Way” is about unleashing the full potential of companies, communities, and people.