My name is
Hans Falleboe.
For me, design is

design thinking —

Head of Design, Coloplast


My name is Hans Falleboe.
Design is for me the experience we give to the users.

Designers are the ones who imagine solutions and set the direction. Designers are the professionals who know how to turn intangible needs into good products. It is our task to understand the user challenges and limitations and with respect develop holistic solutions and experiences that exceed the users’ expectations. Design is both function and aesthetics and these cannot be separated.

Design is many disciplines rooted in many individuals and it makes it exciting and diverse, but it is also a challenge to create a common narrative and distill a common DNA out of it. Design is both thoughts, processes, methods, aesthetics, function and sustainability, and I want to help create the red thread and bring forth the value of what all these disciplines bring.

I want to create an understanding that good design is good for business. If you invest time and energy in creating solutions that are attractive to the customer, it also helps to increase a demand for the product.
In Coloplast, Design is involved in the earliest processes of researching what users’ needs are and translating them into products and services. This helps to ensure that the solutions we develop are relevant and attractive.

I have a Master degree in Architecture and Industrial Designer from the School of Architecture in Aarhus and have a marketing degree from CBS. I have been Head of Design at Louis Poulsen, Director at Morfoso and most recently Head of Design at Coloplast.
In addition to the design council, I am a member of Dansk Industri’s Design Board and KADK’s advisory board for Design.