My name is
Henrik Birkvig.
For me, design is

shaping —

Graphic Designer & Professional Leader

Member since 1995

Design is part of my life in the way I teach, do R&D, and work as a consultant in the field of graphic design.

My definition of design: Solutions to problems made by man (unlike nature or accident).

To me, Design = communication and value.

Today, design can make a difference by contributing to a physiological, sociological, psychological or ideological pleasure.

Design is heading towards an increasing differentiation (adapting the English definition, understanding, and the use of the term “design”)

Graphic designer, Master in Design, educator, author, editor, researcher and consultant. Professional leader of the Bachelor education in Graphic Design / Danish School for Media and Journalism. Author, co-author and editor of  several professional publications. Master on Font Quality, 2008. Professional consultant for a row of businesses and organizations in Denmark.