My name is
Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.
For me, design is

need —

Founder & Architect, MAA

Member since 2017

Design is about creating happiness. Design is about meeting needs. As we continually shape the world around us with the creation of new buildings, tools, infrastructure and technology, it’s about making life more comfortable – easier, smarter, faster, better, more beautiful. Design is an evolutionary process where we stand on the shoulders of each other. By constantly exchanging knowledge and composing known elements, new ideas are born, moving the development.

Curiosity and creativity are human basic conditions and therefore an integral part of my way of being human. I think that is the case for all people to a greater or lesser extent. I consciously and unconsciously constantly design to optimize enjoyment.

When creating, it is relevant to question whether what has been created adds something to the world. Is there a new material, a new combination, a new feature or a new production method that justifies a resource consumption? Do you make a difference?

I have always been busy with elements of design that speak to people in general – across cultural preferences. What features, shapes and materials have general human resonance?
Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen is an architect and founding partner at Norm Architects with over a decade of experience as an architect, designer, art director and photographer. Jonas shares his passion for phenomenology—the philosophical study of human experience—and striking spaces, objects and images with clients that range from established design brands to international magazines and private homeowners. Trained at both The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Copenhagen Business School, Jonas mixes business-oriented and strategic thinking with the conceptual thoughts and visions that bring creative projects to life. ‘I have a strong vocation for creating thoughtful projects that make a difference and stand out in an understated, refined manner,’ he says of his work, which has won many international awards.

Copenhagen Business School (Business, Language and Culture), 2001; The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2004; Founding Parnet, Norm Architects; Head of Design, Menu; Contributing Editor, Kinfolk Magazine; EDIDA, 2017,  Milan; Designer of the Year, Design Awards, 2016, DK; Creative Circle 2016; Wallpaper Architect’s Directory 2016; Architizer A+ Award, 2016, NYC; Architizer A+ Award, 2015, NYC; Good Design Award, 2015, Chicago; Designer of the Year, Design Awards 2014, DK; Travel and Leisure Design Award, 2014 NYC; RBDA, 2013, London; Jury at IF Design Award 2013, Germany; Jury at IF Design Award 2012, Germany; Nominated for German Design Award, Germany; Good Design Award 2012, Chicago; CHA Design Award 2012, London; IF Design Award, 2012, Germany; Design Plus Award, 2010, Germany; Red Dot Award, 2009, Germany.