My name is
Kigge Hvid.
For me, design is

sustainable —

Design is to me the human capacity to shape and create our surroundings, to cover our needs and give our lives meaning. Design is a capacity we all have and use every day. Some get a formal design education and thus sharpen this ability. They are designers. However, we all have the potential.

I work to get the world to understand how crucial a component design is in providing solutions to global challenges. It is widely recognized that politicians, NGOs and the public and private sector must be involved if we are to tackle challenges such as climate change, hunger, inequality and energy supply in the future. But, few know that design is an essential element of almost all solutions. From Tesla Power Wall and climate adaptation parks in Copenhagen to new diagnostic apps and services for people with dementia and further to systems for cleaning the oceans and securing food for the entire global population.

In this context, Danish designers are in a unique position. Our welfare system, education and societal models have provided Danish designers with a deep insight into human needs and an understanding of how smart, sustainable solutions can be designed for the many. Therefore, we at INDEX: are proud to stand on the shoulders of Danish design.

CEO, founder of INDEX: Design to Improve Life. A number of directorships and similar posts in Denmark and internationally e.g. board member in Lauritzen Fond. Co-founder of World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Design and their Expert Network. Chairman for Advisory Board in the Design Institute for Social Design in Hong Kong. Receiver of e.g.: honorary doctors species in design from Art Centre College of Design, USA, and Huddersfield University School of Art, UK, Design and Architecture; Design Leadership Award (Hong Kong).