My name is
Merete Brunander.
For me, design is

value —

Owner, Brunander Consulting

Member since 2008

Design has always been an essential part of my approach in professional relations, as design has a special place in my heart. I am interested in the interaction between design and innovation, which has occupied me throughout my career and has been reflected in the many design projects in which I have participated.

To me, good design is characterized as functional and innovative, and that it contributes with more than just aesthetics. I am aware of the importance of involving users in the design and innovation processes. The user has a key role in the success of a product or service, as success depends on the extent to which we satisfy the user’s needs. In this process, anthropology also plays a big role – we can through anthropological studies get a detailed insight into the user’s needs. This is an example of the importance of interdisciplinarity in design processes in which designers, engineers, sales and marketing people meet and create a common understanding. Bringing different skills into play, with the pursuit of understanding how design processes contribute to innovation, is essential in recognizing design as an essential discipline in business. Design is a professional competence with a holistic approach involving the human aspect in a world where technology – and especially digitization – are gradually taking over.

I believe that focusing on design & innovation makes Denmark a more competitive country. The interplay between innovation and design is absolutely essential in the global market, an area in Denmark we are particularly strong in.

Merete has 30 years experience in the private sector in marketing, innovation, design and branding. 26 years in the company Coloplast, finally as Corporate Marketing Director. Experience with working in the public sector with three years as director of the Danish Design Center (DDC). 25 years experience in leadership positions at a high level. The last 9 years as an independent business consultant, examiner and teacher at several of the country’s Academies and Design Schools.