About ­—

The Design Council is the think tank of the Danish design field. Our purpose is to promote Danish design by conceiving and exploring new perspectives on design. We call it design freethinking. —

Design creates debate —

The purpose of the Danish Design Council is to explore the concept of design and to show public and private decisionmakers how design creates intelligent solutions and new possibilities in our lives. Through new initiatives and discussions of value, we wish to qualify the public debate about design, influence design policies and create solid connections between design and society.

Diversity as an approach —

The council represents a diversity of strong opinions and new ideas. The council consists of the most competent and innovative personalities of Danish design, such as designers, manufacturers, curators, journalists, scientists and leaders. A cross-disciplinary approach that ensures a well-founded perspective on design.

The Design Council as catalyst —

The council is a catalyst for the Danish design scene, which among others has led to the establishment of the Danish Design Center in 1978, and the collaboration between the Danish Design Council and the Danish Design Center has resulted in the establishment of an international advisory board consisting of the world’s leading design experts to advise Denmark about design. Furthermore, the Danish Design Council has an active international network and a long-lasting cooperation with international design organizations.

Independent design quality —

The Danish Design Council points out valuers, and has been approved by the Ministry of Justice to make proposals of appointing experts to participate in the handling of civil cases in Eastern and Western High Court as well as the Maritime and Commercial Court. We hand out the Danish Design Council Award – Denmark’s only lifetime achievement award for design.