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Danish Design DNA is a new project by the Danish Design Council that has originated from the design policies and research group of the Danish Design Council, and in collaboration with KADK, Design Museum Denmark, Danish Design Center and Design Denmark. The purpose of the project is to mark a renewed visibility and participation in the mediation of the value that design brings to the business community and our society, while also emphasizing the power position that Danish design represents for Denmark.

The Danish designDNA


The project aims to give new visibility and commitment in communicating the value that design creates for business and society, and the position of strength, that Danish design represents for Denmark. The motivation behind the project is that, internationally, Danish designs are currently experiencing a growing popularity. Exports of Danish design and furniture is growing, the new “Nordic Cool” movement creates increased focus on potentials for international branding of Denmark and Scandinavia, and several Danish companies have become aware of the economic advantages of using design in both processes and product development.


However, there is no doubt that the potentials are far greater if Denmark understands how to take advantage of our industrial and educational strengths within design and that we at a larger scale are able to brand ourselves among the world’s leading design nations.


The project aims to focus on Danish design now and in the future. What is Danish design today? Are there some basic common features – a Danish designDNA? And in that case what does it constitute? Do we still profit on our glorious past or are we designing for the future? And if we can talk about a Danish design DNA, how can we utilise it better – for the benefit of Danish culture, business, education and export?

The project is a platform for several initiatives with different themes discussing the challenges and investigating the current status and potential future paths of Danish design.

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