Survey & valuation ­—

A significant number of the members of the Danish Design Council have experience as valuers e.g. in trials concerning product imitation and design violation. In the fall of 2015 the Danish Design Council organized a valuer-training course where a group of council members attended a 2-day course regarding the work as a valuer and expert judge. The Design Council can thereby assist with highly-experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the process of valuation at the Danish Court.

If a valuer is needed in a prevailing case, or if an expert opinion is needed for a valuation of a specific case, we encourage you to contact the Council secretary at

The request must contain a short description of the specific product and/or theme. The Council Secretariat will respond within a few days, with 2-3 suggestions of possible valuers/experts and their CVs.

The following members have attended the valuer training:

Christian Bjørn
Per Boelskifte
Anders Brix
Morten Engelbrecht
Susse Fischer
Christian Holmsted Olesen
Anne Quist
Karsten Ravn
Lars Thøgersen