My name is
Karsten Ravn.
For me, design is

care —

Industrial Designer

Member since 2006

Design is a process and the goal is to develop what we understand as good design. In other words, we are working with common sense in renewing the solution to a given problem. The challenge is to create a design that contributes to a social progress while appearing as an artistic and creative solution. To design with the aim of developing a good design is thereby a team task that requires insight in several professional and social approaches.

Intentionally created design solutions are part of everyday-life’s many interfaces, and by using these new ideas and thoughts of change innovation often occurs, especially sparked by the technological and social development. To design is a constant solution-oriented mindset in regard to societal progress. Good design can thereby contribute to a development that seeks to benefit human existence while protecting the world from unnatural interference.

Industrial designer. Winner of The Danish Design Award, 1971. Design director for Georg Jensen / Royal Scandinavia through 25 years. Former chairman for Danish Arts Foundation. Design valuer.