My name is
Lars Thøgersen.
For me, design is

a co-creation tool —

Industriel Designer

Member since 2008

Design – specifically Design Thinking – is an abundant toolbox to solve a number of challenges in daily life, in companies and in the general society, ultimately for humans. Design is a methodical way to maintain humans as a focal point in all activities aimed at development and work dedicated to making products, systems and services better than the current state.

Design also contributes as a methodical way to cooperate with a number of other competencies in cross-pollination and co-creation when searching for better solutions than the current – for tomorrow’s demands. Denmark’s social system and higher salaries, demands of us to come up with superior solutions and provide the receiver in question with high relevance and value. An industrial designer can be viewed as a humanist with a technical insight that creates connections between need and desire.

CEO at CPH ID. Creator of 12 spin-off companies. Creator of 23 patents owned by clients
Top-nominee and winner of 16 national & international awards. Member of several boards.