My name is
Ole Søndergaard.
For me, design is

simplicity —

Graphic Designer & Artist

Member since 2011

To me design is form and expression, as it is reflected in my work with graphic design typefaces and logotypes. Based on the unique Danish design tradition, which the pioneers ie. architects Knud V. Engelhardt, Gunner Biilman Petersen, Claus Acton Friis and Naur Klint represented, I have tried to continue this distinctiveness in a contemporary form. Such as in my super font family ff Signa, the typeface København, Danish Standards pictograms DS 2301-1, 2301-2 and the Danish Road Directorate’s road signs. Over the years, our studio, as creative designers, has felt a vocation to achieve the ultimate solution to any task. Clarity in a harmonious expression, both in detail and as a whole, in a original communication via a simple and easily decoded idiom of forms.

To Denmark design and innovation are crucial to maintain our welfare in a globalized world of constant change. Among others, it is through the Danish design tradition with simplicity, functionality and sustainability that Danish design will find its future. One of Danish design and innovation main tasks is the development of renewable energy.

Firm established 1973.
Co-founder and partner in 11Danes, 1985-1995 and, 2007-
Winner of This year’s Design Award 1984, IG Prize: 1980, 1987, 1989, 1995, 1997, The European Community Design Prize 1992 and The Danish Design Prize 2002.