My name is
Pil Bredahl.
For me, design is

social design —

Designer MA, Professional judge at the Maritime & Commercial Court


For me, design is a profession that through dialogue comes up with physical answers to what affects human life.
Design solutions are most often connected to a consumption and the climate impact is mainly related to the structures of our consumption. Therefore, one of the keys to creating a more sustainable civilization may lie in the designers’ ability to see the crucial importance of the circular understanding and the social arrangement.
I see design as a metaphor for a human attitude, because the work of designers shapes our physical world. Therefore, I believe that good design is design that creates a positive emotional resonance in other people.

Co founder at, former design manager at Menu a/s. Censor at the Royal Academy, chairman of the grants committee at Statens Kunstfond, curator and co-developer at, board member of ITMV and member of Statens Kunstfond board and the board of representatives at Design Museum Denmark.