My name is
Thomas Graversen.
For me, design is

solution —

CEO & Owner, Fredericia Furniture

Member since 2004

Design can be a process but more importantly, a product – here we are talking about a piece of design. Where art can be satisfied with asking questions, design must provide a solution. And within the field of design, it is the final product alone that counts. When a product is well designed, it has an artistic strength while also being useful and purposeful.

Design reflects its time, and if it is good, future generations will appreciate it even though their own time has moved on. Design is increasingly concerned with making a difference to the world’s social and ecological problems and at the same time design as an aesthetic practice remains. Design mirrors human culture, and literally as well as metaphorically, it deals with making the world less ugly to inhabit.

CEO, Owner Fredericia Furniture from 1995 – 2015. Creative Director, Owner 2015 Chairman. Design Museum Denmark 2003 – 2007. Member of Danish Design Council 2004
Member of the board of Danish Design Centre 2015 –