My name is
Thomas Schødt Rasmussen.
For me, design is

antropology —

Design and Research Director

Member since 2004

Design is problem solving. In Simon’s very broad definition:

“to design is to devise courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.”

By this definition we are all designers. Yet, design professionals have a unique talent for transforming sound ideas as well as stray thoughts into artifacts, prototypes, material or immaterial concepts. They bring tactility to thought. They focus on solutions before problems. One of the main challenges in design and design education is to create research protocol and tradition. Designers need research and theory in order to translate between their unique talents and other kinds of professional discourse; and in order to slow down the progression from problem to solution.

Ph.d. in literature at KU and Gold Medal from AU. Board member of The Danish design Council 2007-14. Director for research at DKDS, 2002-08; DMJX, 2013-16; KEA 2016-