My name is
Anne Qvist.
For me, design is

thought —

Industrial Designer & Architect MAA

Member since 2011

To me design is a way to live, think, and work by. Design is a super profession that, through process, manufacturing, and communication connects people to their surroundings, buildings, spaces and products in a meaningful and sentimental way.

Design is extremely important for Denmark. We have a tradition of design that is unique in the world. Design and design processes are widely rooted in Danish society. And I think there is infinitely many untapped potentials in our way of design thinking. Our society is thoroughly designed. That being said, it is important to mention that stunning designs are also being created elsewhere in the world. So Danish design is no longer a limited “national sport.” But perhaps more of a “state of mind.” Design can make a big difference – design can make a difference with the right choices for a better and sustainable future. Design is definitely heading in a more sustainable direction and also a more emotional direction.

Owner & Founder AQDO, Anne Qvist Design Office ApS. Winner of CIDA Award ‘Best office interior’ 2012, ‘New official Chair for the Danish Queen’ 2010, CIDA Award ‘Best Interior’ 2009, Red Dot Award 2005.