My name is
Bo Linnemann.
For me, design is

a tool —

Executive Design Director, Kontrapunkt

Member since 1998

Since the beginning of the 1980s, design has been a part of my daily life. Together with Kim Meyer Andersen, I founded the design agency Kontrapunkt. Kontrapunkt has now become one of the leading Scandinavian design agencies and is based in both Copenhagen and Tokyo. In Kontrapunkt, we have been responsible for transforming the official face of Denmark including brand identities for most of the public sector, ministries, public companies, and cultural institutions. Furthermore, I have been responsible for design and branding programs for companies and institutions in all parts of the world. We have developed brand identities for DSB, the majority of Danish Ministries, Microsoft, Danske Bank, IKEA, Noma and most recently Nissan, Tasaki, DNP and Hitachi.

Through my work I have come to understand the importance of design as a tool for creating a better world. I daily experience that design can be used as a tool to discover and solve problems globally. Every day I use design as a tool to create lasting value for brands by translating human needs and winning ideas into meaningful brand experiences that move, inspire and add to something better.

Executive design director & founding partner, Kontrapunkt. Winner of the Danish Design Prize 17 times, plus numerous international prizes. Awarded the Danish design Council’s grant award 2011 and the national bank honorable award. Lecturer at international universities and former professor at the Institute for Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture and since 2006 been a visiting professor at Musashino Art University in Tokyo.