My name is
Boris Berlin.
For me, design is

a language —

Industrial Designer, Founder & Partner

Member since 2003

During the last forty years, design became the main content of my daily life, and the daily life of people has been the main content of my design. Design is my language. It is how I communicate with people and the world.

I believe that design is an intermediate body – a link that appears in the tension of no man’s land: tension between art and engineering, between manufacturer and user, between different cultures, tradition and innovation, rationality and intuition, logic and emotion … As the tightrope walker who needs a high tension of the wire to keep the balance, the tension between these polar contradictions is the condition of design’s successful performance.

Graduated from Higher School of Art and Industry, Russia 1953. Founder of Boris Berlin Design, Co-founder and partner of Komplot Design and Iskos-Berlin Design. Komplot Design’s and Iskos-Berlin Design’s works are represented in collections of several design museums around the world. Receiver of numerous design awards; among them: Dansk Designpris, G-Mark (Japanese Golden Design Award); The Forum AID Award: Best Nordic product etc. In 2015 awarded The Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.