My name is
Christian Bjørn.
For me, design is

aesthetics —

Industrial designer

Member since 1984

Design is an integrated part of my life – it sharpens my senses and gives me the chance to see the world and its potentials here and now.
I describe design as aesthetic functional products that accommodate a certain purpose, whereas industrial design is the function that creates a connection between the requests and necessities of the user and the objective of the company. We must expect, as an absolute minimum, that the products we surround ourselves by will not molest our senses. It is in this sense that we can talk about good design that enriches our senses and provides us with far more energy than the primary function.

Design is also important on a national level, as it contributes to the national identity. Each country has an identity based on a set of elements thus creating a sense of community in the population. Design is one of these elements and is part of creating the common cultural platform that characterizes, for instance, Denmark. Design is currently moving in two directions; B To C products (Business To Consumer) are heading towards fashion while B To B products (Business to Business) are heading towards tech. Both directions are important for design, but the rules are different.

I work with both categories and am set to take on different tasks in accordance with the category I am working with. B To C does not require much cooperation but insight to what is possible within the economic and mercantile framework. In this sense, your authority and references to success within the area are important. B To B requires a close collaboration with other competencies within production, sales, distribution, construction etc. In this case, it is important to acknowledge that success is reliant on the ability to reach the best compromise within given specifications.

Christian Bjørn has been a central figure in the Danish design society since the 1970s and has served as chairman for Danish Design Center for several years. Christian Bjørn Design was founded in 1974, and Christian Bjørn Industrial Design was founded in 2002 with focus on the consumer market. Apart from his work as industrial designer, Christian has been part of the board of Danish Design Center over a longer period.