My name is
Ditte Lysgaard Vind.
For me, design is

quality —

Managing partner The Circular Way by Lendager Group

Member since 2017

I work with value innovation and circular economy as the key to make sustainability and good business each other’s prerequisites. To succeed, design is the tool – and therefore a big part of my every day.

To me design is intentionality. The extraordinary value in design is the intentions of the decisions behind it. A colour; an object; a specific shape – the choices are never random, but always thought through and made with open eyes and by questioning the existing. Therefore to me design is functionality. Be it not only in relation to product design but also by using the working method in decision-making. Through the methodology design has potential to have a great impact on our society. And this is a potential I wish for us to use fully.

Right now we often see a healthy environment and good business framed as each other’s prerequisites. The more we use – the more companies need to grow to follow the raising demand. And right now the consequence is an exhaustion of our earth’s resources and a raise of our CO2-emmissions. But it does not have to be like that. Through the design methodology we have the possibility to change status quo. We can unite economical growth with respect and thought on our globe and climate by designing for circularity.

Designing for circularity is not about making already existing products more effective, nor is it about effectuating sustainable add-ons. Circular design is about changing our methods – we need to rethink our products and business models. We need to disconnect the consumption from the individual citizen, the company and the society – in total – from the use of virgin resources and materials.

The essential is that we can and must design without compromising on aesthetics, quality, economy or climate!

Design is an important part of Danish culture and business making.  We are well known for our tradition on green technology, sustainable business and for high-class design. We have a strong tradition and a valuable brand to build on, which gives us a unique possibility to position ourselves as experts on creating regenerative growth.

Ditte is an active contributor to the public debate on sustainable development. In 2016 she decided to start the consultancy The Circular Way to help Danish and international businesses with strengthening their communication and strategic partnerships, focusing on how to couple profit and environment in a symbiotic relation. Ditte holds a Master in Political Leadership and Communication, furthermore she has been specializing in sustainable leadership and impact investment from Cambridge University and Harvard Business School. 

In 2017 The Circular Way merged with Lendager Group to unite know-how and expertise from different backgrounds in the strategic consultancy The Circular Way by Lendager Group.