My name is
Henrik Taudorf Lorensen.
For me, design is

circularity —

Founder and CEO, TAKT

Member since 2021

To me design is about the opportunity to create a positive future.

The design company TAKT was founded in 2018 with two objectives that are closely connected.

The first objective is to design quality furniture with circularity and sustainability as a starting point rather than an afterthought. This new approach requires an integrated design process across form giving, choice of material, production, distribution, and reuse/recycling. Well-known Danish design virtues regain their strength and energy when technical sustainability, usability, and aesthetic durability unite.

The second objective is to reintroduce accessibility as an important part of good furniture design. Good design can facilitate joy and reflection for many people, and this is why it should not be limited to the wealthiest only.

TAKT is a certified B Corp and has received numerous design awards, including the Danish Design Award and the German Design Award.

Founder and CEO of TAKT. Chairman of Braun Audio and PURE in London. Previously President of the music tech company ROLI in London; established and developed B&O PLAY for BANG & OLUFSEN 2011-2016; headed the digital business for LEGO 2005-2011. Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the Niels Bohr Institute and DTU.