My name is
Henrik Vibskov.
For me, design is

colours —

I work with fashion design and different exhibitions around the world that need to be created/designed from scratch every time. It goes from the bigger spatial unity down to that one little detail that binds everything together. It can be a certain color, a specific material or and industrial widget. I like working with humoristic compositions and surprising transitions that perhaps question what design is and how we use it. I often use commonly known industrial design objects, for instance a tea strainer or a toilet plunger in untraditional ways, on which they gain a completely different function.

Design comes from ideas and needs, together or separately. Design is something that should look both forwards and backwards in time, whilst preferably hit a resonance of the present. It can reflect a certain perception of the world or a significant situation and be a surprising or funny comment.
It is both the source of inspiration and a necessary and beautifying tool of everyday life. Most of my interests have somehow intertwined with my professional life, and I believe that design is a natural part of everything I am interested or engaged in. For instance, I had to design a new credit card, it was just for me, but I spend a long time doing that. Somehow, the things I do and the things I surround myself by have managed to connect and define my universe.
Moreover, design is a traditional craft in which you can gather a lot valuable knowledge and inspiration, the idea for a whole collection can e.g. be inspired by an old board game from the 50’s, designed for children.

Throughout his career Henrik’s designs have earned him many prizes, most recently an award from the Danish Arts Foundation (2009), the Söderberg prize (2011), and the Jury Prize at the Danish Fashion Awards (2012). In 2016 Henrik received the The Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal by her Majesty the Queen Of Denmark and the academy council from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts gave Henrik. Professor at DSKD and has frequently given lectures and been a jury member at institutions such as Central Saint Martins in London, the IED in Madrid and the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art amongst others. His work has been exhibited in MoMA in New York, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, ICA in London, and many other places around the world.