My name is
Janos Flösser.
For me, design is

ideas —

Fond Manager & Technology Investor

Member since 2015

I view design as an approach to create better futures through three different dimensions: to better understand problems and opportunities from a human perspective; to expand the range of ideas available for decision-makers; and, to shape, test, and refine potential solutions with the users, customers and citizens they are intended for.

Denmark has an incredible design DNA that is more vibrant and alive today than any moment since the mid 20th century. From our legendary furniture design to iconic industrial design to new collaborative forms for design in services and digital solutions, Denmark remains a world leader in design. I see my job in close interplay with, for example, the Danish Design Council, to advance the future of Danish design for business and society. Good design can make an incredible difference to people, business and society.

Good design can render communication, products, services and systems more aesthetically pleasing, more functional and more meaningful; thus, creating better outcomes, higher efficiency, or both. I am proud that my organization has been part of re-launching the Danish Design Award, which is an annual celebration of the difference design can make.

Foundation Manager / Technology Investor in Promentum Capital. Member of the group ATV (Academy of Technical Sciences) as well as Digital Wise Men and a member of the group Science & Engineering, director of Saxo. Winner of the Year IT-name 2002 Rapidusprisen 2002 Deloitte European Technology Fast 500 Award in 2002 etc.Training in Music Science at Aarhus University, 1976-1978 and Music Technician and TV Producer, DR 1978-82 and 1987-89.