My name is
Jens Martin Skibsted.
For me, design is

the future —

Design is crucial in making a difference: instead of predicting the future – we create the future. It is important that we as designers join to raise awareness, change opinions and use our creative skillset for improving the life of people and the planet. I believe that design must be recognized for its potential to improve – not only products but society. Creativity and design could potentially solve present and future global challenges, which is why design thinking is crucial. Climate change is a massive challenge that calls for our collective resourcefulness. Design thinking, aesthetic sustainability and a circular design economy must come into play. We must rethink the way we approach consumption and production in a world seriously threatened by global warming and pollution.

Design is the way I express myself and how I add value to the world. My hope and intention with design is to change structures of society so we can become more sustainable and make a positive change at large. I aspire to achieve this through design thinking and specifically urban mobility design which was my point of departure for the Biomega bikes – my personal take on how we can make the future greener by addressing a micro aspect through qualitative design.

Designer and design philosopher. Co-founder and creative director of the bike company Biomega, Skibsted Ideation, Ogojiii Magazine and the design studio KiBiSi. Member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization. Board member of DDC, D2i and Bitten & Mads Clausens Fond. Winner of Wallpaper Design Award, I.D. Consumer Design, Good Design Award, European 40 under 40, and the Red Dot Award. His designs are exhibited in MoMA, Le CNAP, Design Museum Denmark and SFMO.