My name is
Jørgen Rosted.
For me, design is

helpful —

Consultant & Writer

Member since 1996

To me, good design is a solution to a problem that has been solved so well that nobody realizes that there was ever a problem. Design is very important for human life – we encounter design everywhere and use design solutions constantly. Design is also an important element of business development. Denmark has achieved a special status as a design nation based on past unique Danish designs, and design will continue to play a crucial role for Danish business development in the future. Design ensures that, instead of only knowing how to use the technology of the future, we will be able to master it. Danish businesses can contribute with solutions that are distinguished by being created with the users and, where value is created through interaction between users and businesses, through co-creation.

New technology makes it possible to transform sustainability into a society based on renewable resources and recycling. Should these options be exercised design and technology must go hand in hand, which we can already see in the growth of new design and technology enterprises. In today’s startups, design and technology are fused together. New types of highly innovative companies are emerging and can be a key element in the creation of sustainable growth and prosperity in the future. The objective of the Danish Design Council is to contribute in succeeding with this while making sure that design continues to be an essential element in the Danish business development.

Rosted is a consultant and writer. Cand.polit., Economics, Copenhagen University. Columnist for Mandag Morgen, Information, Altinget and Pio Pio. Speaker and debater about e.g. green transition, clustering, metropolis importance, ecosystems, innovation, entrepreneurship and finance.