My name is
Karen Blincoe.
For me, design is

reducing CO2 emissions —

PhD FRSA. Advisor, Lecturer


Design has been an essential part of my life and career for many years. Early in my career as a practicing designer, later as an educator in sustainable design issues. Design has on the one hand contributed to the environmental problems we are facing. On the other hand it’s now becoming an increasingly important factor in the creation of sustainable solutions and green transition. Design encompasses extraordinary, universal and diverse problem solving abilities and has contributed greatly to the make-up of our modern-day societies.

My career started in design and expanded into the field of sustainability with which I work today. I have been Head of Communication at Danmarks Designskole, DK; Founder and Director of ICIS; Director of Schumacher College, UK; Co-founder and Director of Chora 2030 Foundation, DK. I recently gained a PhD in sustainability at the University of Kingston, UK, and am currently writing a book on the topic concurrent with teaching, lecturing and board member work.