My name is
Kasper Guldager Jensen.
For me, design is

circular sustainability —

Architect, Senior Partner & Director

Member since 2016

As an architect, I give form to people’s ideas and visions. Architecture is a collaborative and plural design discipline involving a great number of people and sciences. Design is everywhere and at all scales. I am fascinated by what we might call invisible design; for example the molecular structure of materials or the material flows of circular business models. Working across these scales we can effect real change in the world around us. It is uplifting to be able to give form to buildings, cities and everything in between.

Design connects people creating coherence and meaning in our daily lives. All Danes, for example, have an intuitive understanding for Scandinavian Design and for the Scandinavian welfare model. But Scandinavian welfare design also has great export potential. The world’s limited resources cannot support our current models for growth. Circular design strategies can provide new solutions for sustainable global progress.

Architect, senior partner 3XN, Director GXN. Master Aarhus School of Architecture, 2005, Master Sci-Arc, California 2004. Member of Danish Art Society Architecture Section, Danish Design Council, Danish Association of Architects. Chairman of Board for Urban Green, member of Board of Representatives of Academic Architect Union, member of Danish Ministry of Culture Examiner Corps etc. Teaches at Chalmers University, Aarhus School of Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, North Carolina State University. Winner of multiple awards e.g. EU’s Environmental Business award 2016, Building of the Year 2015, Energy Globe award 2015, Urbia Green Innovation award 2015 etc.