My name is
Kristina May.
For me, design is

solutions —

Founder / CEO/ Branding and design strategist, AM Copenhagen


Design and creativity are the keys. Not only for Denmark but for our planet, as we are facing major global challenges.

We are tremendous when it comes to designing innovative, wild and creative solutions within so many fields. From exploiting the planet’s resources, energy, weapons, AI, to the development of technologies that are simultaneously affecting the behavior of two billion people with addictive screens reducing our impulse control and undermining our closeness and intimacy with our loved ones.

Now, instead, we must, with open eyes, design the sustainable solutions both compensating for the inadequacies of the past and building upon all the great previous work without harming our planet, nor our relations and how we interact with each other.

I am fundamentally an optimist, and I like to think that it’s almost an obligation as designers and design-thinkers. We must learn to use and harness our superpower – design – in an enlightened, constructive way.

To me, design isn’t primarily about aesthetics, it’s a solution, and solutions don’t have to be pretty. Every day I push an agenda of spreading the understanding of design, so that as many of us as possible can benefit and understand this extremely wide and diverse field better and deeper.

Kristina is CEO, co-owner and brand strategist at AM Copenhagen. At the agency she develops brand strategies and design and consults for both major corporations and start-ups. She is member of multiple boards and devotes a large part of her time spreading the understanding and potential of design through, among other platforms, her podcast “Design kan…” which she hosts, co-owns and produces. Kristina is dedicated to championing design which leads to significant change, specifically in an ethical, sustainable perspective. Her great engagement is testified through her work for Etikkompasset under DCC and the development of green reporting platforms and brand activation solutions for SMEs in close cooperation with specialists in ESG´s and SDG´s.