My name is
Lene Dammand Lund.
For me, design is

aesthetics —

Architect & Rector, KADK

Member since 2013

There is no doubt that Denmark has a very strong brand abroad because of our design tradition. It has an important impact on the perception of Denmark as a progressive and democratic nation. Design also plays a very important role in our companies’ global competitiveness. 90% of companies that use design in processes and strategic decisions indicate that the design has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Design can make an enormous difference to people’s everyday lives. The way things work, the way they appeal to our senses, and the way it expands the way we understand and act in the world. Design is the beautiful jug, medical equipment and also creative ways to create and support innovative processes. The range is huge and goes from product to organizational and business development. Sustainable design can also promote sustainable solutions as the first choice among consumers and thus have a decisive importance in relation to the world’s resource and climatic future.

KADK’s objective is to support an ambitious commitment to the UN Global goals for a sustainable future. The design method that can handle huge complexity, will become more and more widespread. At KADK the young generation takes on a major responsibility in relation to the pressing problems in the world – and it will have a radical impact on the future of the design profession. At the same time design will continue to be an essential part of the technological development – for example in connection with the Internet of Things.

Lene is an educated architect and CEO at architect studio SLA. Works with research in the design method and has experience in management of design education.