My name is
Mads Kjøller Damkjær.
For me, design is

curiosity —

Design is for me the method of envisioning the future – and then arranging every element to make it a powerful reality.

I believe in the power of design and creativity to change the world.

I believe that the world would be a better place if humankind were willing to bring more creativity to our greatest problems and most hopeful opportunities.

Which is why, each day, we should try to attempt the practice of design in its highest calling. This means doing things like:

Using design as a way of making sense of the world.

Employing design to envision a future that human beings want to inhabit.

Understanding design as being the (often) arduous process of elegantly arranging all the elements to make a system work.

Challenge fundamental assumptions.

Using design to engage the human mind, and raise the courage to act.


Ultimately, I believe design is a catalyst that nurtures positive behaviour and helps human create a better world.

I believe that design make an impact at a billion-person scale.

As a designer, I believe we should be passionate about finding new ways to unlock human potential and enable social transformation, innovation, creativity and opportunity within business, systems and society.

Mads is a designer and has spent most of his life building and leading startups and design-driven companies in different parts of the world from Europe to Asia to the US. Currently he is CEO of a fund to invest in exponential technologies for a better future.

Previously he founded a tech, art and design collective firm in Paris, started a company in clean tech to help suburban areas in development countries, was managing partner at Goodmorning Technology for a decade, started a global modern pedelec brand, created a design-driven impact investment firm in San Francisco, supporting and investing into innovative food companies and fintech start-ups, a think and do tank based in New York and has latest, as a co-owner, been using design to accelerate creativity and help boards and executive leadership teams to drive business growth and culture change across industries in Europe and US, having the responsibility of people, profit and products for the technology and innovation practice in the 3000 people management firm working out of London.

A graduate of The Danish Design School, Mads has attended executive education at Harvard Business School, Yale, MIT and studied Organizational Behaviour at Stanford University. He is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences on humanity-centered strategy, technology and creativity. He has received numerous international awards and his work has been exhibited across the world.