My name is
Marie-Louise Høstbo.
For me, design is

co-creation —

Arkitekt MAA – Creative Design Director, Fritz Hansen


Architect in the intersection of architecture and design
Constant search for the connectedness in space and design
The necessity of collaboration and dialogue
Architect and writer, working with design
Design must have a purpose

Being Danish I often take good design for granted as it is an integral part of the Danish society. But when working, also with design, the importance of knowledge must not be neglected, we must learn from history, to challenge it with veneration to move forward in respect. We have an obligation to take care of the world and create beautiful, functional, and durable pieces of design which can improve the lives of people and establish a foundation on which we can be able to continue to live together on planet earth.

Design is the connection to the spaces we are in, and through creative creation we can be connected to the rest of the world.

A respect for history, for materials and details is what strikes me when experiencing the works of generations of designers. The tendency to search for new solutions in collaboration with others, and the eagerness to learn from the past, is a great combination to work from when exploring solutions for the concerns and considerations of today. The environmental impact of mass production, the resourceful and responsible use of materials as well as new production possibilities are for many design practitioners today key components that unite in the approach to developing design for future generations.
Through knowledge and curiosity, the deep dedication to aesthetic durability, which is a profound part of the functional tradition of Danish design, is emphasized. If we listen and learn from each other, working through collaboration, we can achieve a connectedness that brings together scale and context, anthropology, art, architecture, society, and history with design, from urban planning to buildings, spaces, and everyday objects. Our research and practice must entail a multifaceted approach to any project we create, which must have the ultimate goal of having contemporary relevance.

We must know where we come from, keep learning, be relevant in the present to shape the design of the future in a constant search for beauty.

Marie-Louise Høstbo has worked in intersection between architecture and Danish design for almost three decades, both nationally and internationally, today as Creative Design Director at Fritz Hansen. Here, Marie-Louise Høstbo works strategically to curate collections, develop design in collaboration with visionary designers and architects and shape Fritz Hansen’s exceptional design legacy into contemporary relevant experience.
Høstbo’s work has been published in both books and articles. Her holistic approach to her profession gives her a unique insight when collaborating with contemporary designers on new projects.