My name is
Mette Mikkelsen.
For me, design is

a force for change —

Designer, adjunct professor


For me, design is a force for change. A mindset and a toolbox that can help us on our way to a more sustainable future.

I’m not that crazy about design THINKING. For me, design is DOING.

Experimenting and building prototypes are important elements in the design process. Prototypes can be used to test what does not yet exist.

They can be used to test how new ideas are meaningful and attractive to those who are going to use them. And effective for those who are going to deliver them.

With the complex problems of our time, design is becoming more and more relevant; because design is a team sport. As designers, we can get many different experts to play together – when we are brave and curious enough.

  • I work as a designer and consultant in private and public contexts. I use my knowledge and the designer´s toolsbox to create innovation and develop sustainable products, services and processes.
  • I am educated as a textile designer and weaver. And I have worked as a key account designer in commercial companies for many years.
  • But sustainability and designing services and systems have become more and more important in the projects, I have been part of.
  • I have been the leader of design and innovation projects in Denmark and abroad, and was, among other things, leader of the project “Design of Relations” which in 2013 won KL’s Innovation Award.
  • I have been Head of Development and vice-rector at Design School Kolding. I am currently Honorary Professor at the school.