My name is
Morten Engelbrecht.
For me, design is

functional —

Creative Director

Member since 2014

To me, design is functional, sustainable and timeless. Design is more than just good looks, it fulfills a need in everyday life. Good design is sustainable, both in terms of the environment but also sustainable in terms of long lasting products, that you want to keep for a lifetime. Design is functional – it should solve a problem. And last but not least, good design is timeless. Design is also creating a sustainable environment suited for its surroundings. Take the bike paths in Copenhagen as an example – they surely fulfill a need and make life easier for the many thousand bikers in Copenhagen.

My design philosophy is very much reflected in the products we produce – nothing is superfluous. We aim to optimize all aspects of a product down to every little detail. Take Jørgen Rasmussen’s double wheel castor as an example – it took him years to re-invent the wheel, and today, you’ll find the wheel under almost every office chair in the world. That is functional and long lasting design.

We have a long and proud design tradition in Denmark and we have a huge task in front of us to keep developing it. We should foster an environment for young creatives to secure that Denmark will keep this position as a design destination. Design is integrated in all parts of our society. Denmark is a frontrunner in this aspect – from infrastructure and architecture to private and public spaces. We have a good understanding of design and it is for the benefit of many. Danish design has made a difference in the World, covering insulin pens and stoma bags to furniture and architecture– and we should strive to keep inventing products that help us to a better life. All in all, design should challenge our way of thinking.

Morten Engelbrecht. Founder & Creative Director. Directorships: Engelbrechts. Prizes: Engelbrechts Winner of Red Dot Award / Good Design Award, for numerous products.