My name is
Nanna Norup.
For me, design is

creativity —

Architect, Designer & Entrepreneur

Member since 2011

I grew up with design, so for me design is a way of life. I see design as a solution to each and every aspect and challenge. Tangible, abstract or otherwise in existence. As cofounder of Trashypeople, I work with design methods, desktop research, design anthropology, rapid prototyping, co-creation etc.

From a social, environmental and financial point of view my take is that we need to design a sustainable future. A fairer and greener globe inhabited by a growing population can be achieved via design for disassembly, zero waste and renewables, in other words: circular economy design. My hope is that we will continue to design the future, as we would like it to be – but also as we need it to be.

Design and education are the sole Danish raw materials. Therefore, design is important for Denmark. As a nation, we seem to lean on to a mutual understanding hereof. Design thinking is becoming an accepted and understood approach – a solution to any and all aspects and challenges. Tangible, abstract or otherwise in existence.

Architect, designer and entrepreneur. Specialist in design process. Founder and owner of Trashypeople. Member of the board of Textilskolen, Naja Lauf, Sort of Coal, Briq, Helgo arkitekter. Member of the board of KEA Copenhagen school of design and technology. Woking member of the admission committee of Leith Society.