My name is
Sune Kjems.
For me, design is

an approach —


Member since 2015

Design is my life. I work with design, I surround myself with design and I preach design, wherever I go and stand. Design is an approach to the world that is about “making things people want,” i.e. understand our unmet needs and create solutions to meet them and “making people want things,” i.e. create solutions that awaken something in us. Design makes products, services and experiences noticeable for me. If the design resonates within me, it works – if not, I pass.

Design is such an integrated part of Denmark that we take it for granted. Often we do not notice it until it’s not there; when we are abroad or when we are exposed to less good design. Design has a central importance for our culture and how we go to things – an importance we underestimate. Design has a crucial role in helping us sort, navigate and orient in the amount of information we consume daily. Design is the filter that allows us to focus what is essential for us. In an increasingly agile world, we need to make decisions at a pace that requires us to use the heart rather than the brain. And here design is the shortcut.

Chief i VIA DESIGN. Beskikket ekstern censor ved Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, Designskolen Kolding og Arkitektskolen Aarhus, 2014. Medlem af Designrådets bestyrelse, 2016Medlem af Københavns Erhvervsakademis Uddannelsesudvalg, 2015Design awards: Challenging Society, Udstillet på Danmarks Design Center, 2012 Index: awards, top-nomineret i kategorien Community, 2007. Kunsthåndværkerbiennalen i Kolding, Udstillet på Koldinghus, 2007.