My name is
Thit Juul Madsen.
For me, design is

meaning —

Why design?

To me, design is two things. It’s a goal in its own right and it’s a means to an end.

Design is beauty and meaning. It’s what makes my eyes light up and ignite my excitement.

And design is also a vast collection of methods and tools that can help decode challenges and opportunities and transform them into meaningful solutions.

I am fortunate to work with both design dimensions in my daily work.

Design in its own right, through our online magazine DANISH™ where we promote Danish design and architecture to an international audience. And design as a means to create positive change through all the projects we run, helping companies to become and stay design driven.

Thit Juul is the CEO of D2i – design to innovate, the Danish Design Cluster based in Kolding. D2i works with large scale design driving innovation and run programs connecting hundreds of SME’s with designers, design researchers and practitioners, with the aim of embedding design capabilities in SMEs to help foster innovation and growth.

Thit is also Editor in Chief at the online magazine DANISH™, focusing on Danish design & architecture. In the past, Thit has served as program director at 180 Academy, as museum curator, as well as a CSR manager at an apparel company. 

Thit has received a Bachelor degree in international development and a Master of Science in Public Administration from Roskilde University Centre in Denmark, and Master of Art Business Innovation & Concept Creation from Coventry University and 180 Academy.