My name is
Vicki Hertz.
For me, design is

materials —

Former Secretary, Danish Design Council

Honorary member since 2014

To me, design means everything. Design is what I eat, what I am surrounded by and how I express myself.

I have always worked in the design business through my career as a secretary at Design Museum Denmark and the Danish Design Council, which have provided me with great insight to the thoughts and work behind some of the most talented Danish designers.

I perceive design as curiosity. It is curiosity that drives the designers to investigate and solve problems through functional design. These problems can both seem small and big, but the solution to even the tiniest problems can make a huge difference. We see this in terms of sustainability, where even the most banal everyday devices can make a significant difference in the long run. Design is our tool to think sustainability into our society systematically – it must become an integrated part of society, so we collectively face the challenges we experience, e.g. environmentally.

Former Executive Secretary for DDC & Secretary of The Danish Design Council (1989-2014). Honorary member of The Danish Design Council since 2014.