My name is
Annelise Ryberg.
For me, design is

Future —

Creative Director

Member since 2017

Design is a key element in our survival, for which the Circular Economy is the overall strategy.

I think of design as an iterative thought process in time and space, a familiar path to unknown, but necessary, solutions. To work iteratively means to proceed without knowing the result ahead of time, learning as we go to reconcile human activity with nature. To the extent that we develop scalable solutions, we can share them with various sectors worldwide.

Design historians will describe the beginning of the 21st Century as a period of transition from the Linear Economy to the Circular Economy. A time when design blazed the trail to a world without waste and the required reduction of CO2 emissions.

I prefer working with start-ups: Hubs where energy runs high and where ideas and chaos rule. A project takes off when there is a missing link between two elements already in existence.
I work strategically and on high energy.
I carefully select the people I work with: Being awake is one criteria. Having integrity is another.
My experience has shown me that integrity and accomplishment are everything.

The idea is just a place to start.