My name is
Bodie Jahn-Mulliner.
For me, design is

Universes Worthy of Devotion —

President & Founder SYBO Games

Member since 2017

Design is about epic ideas and lots of coffee.

I express who I am and what I mean. Preferably felt from the heart and shot from the hip. And design and visual expression has always been the channel. When I was a kid, I dreamed of making my own brand of clothing. It should be rebellious, street and not seen before. It became a decade of clothing shopsu next to the studios – and clothing design was replaced with universes and animation.

My curiosity for design brought me to the animation school in Viborg, where I met my business partner, Sylvester. Together we founded SYBO, where all my aspirations have flourished. Through the mobile game Subway Surfers, we have had Danish design installed on more than 1.5 billion phones and tablets worldwide. And we expand our worlds with television shows and merchandise with Denmark and the world’s best team. Always sharp and never seen before.

For me, design has always been about getting a good idea, performing it and seeing the perfection of the final product. I always have a lot of ideas and love being around people with good ideas. Then we prototype, draw on and criticize. It must be solid. But then I know when it’s there. I will be thrilled with skilled drawings, characters and stories. I want to dream away in designs and just think “fuck yeah.” And then the journey will always be filled with lots of iterations, new designs, crazy creative touches and lots of coffee.