My name is
Lars Hedebo.
For me, design is

shaping —

Journalist, Politiken

Member since 2014

Design is my daily work – I write about it, talk about it, and get involved in the debate about it. To me design is about the shape work; furniture, cups, jugs, cars, bicycles and clothes. It is the shaping part of design that makes Denmark particularly strong, and I think it is important to carry on that tradition. Everyone can do something within design, but in Denmark we manage to create things that takes the hardworking and price conscious – not to forget beautiful – individual into account.

I tend to fear that we are about to lose our traditional focus on designing in favor of a more theoretical approach. That the younger designers are not being educated to master the craft itself. Naturally we need to follow the development but we must ensure that Danish design is based on good craftsmanship and maintains a strong humanistic profile. Cand. Mag in history and literature science from Copenhagen University.

Journalist at newspaper Politiken since 2007. Former employed at Denmark’s Radio (DR). Author of several books about Danish Design Member of The Danish Design Council since 2014.