My name is
Lars Holme Larsen.
For me, design is

evolution —

Creative Director, Kilo

Member since 2015

More than ever, the focus is on smart solutions that can improve people’s lives around the globe. The common perception of design is in flux, and the role of the designer is evolving in a world of constant change. In my world, good designers act as midwives, facilitating the birth of ideas; yet they must have the profile of a scientist, searching for new and better solutions to the challenges surrounding us, bringing them to life with a firm hand and tight execution. It’s all about connecting the dots and delivering with soul and passion.

I grew up in the countryside, where utility for purpose was key in helping us get through the year. This has, in many ways, formed my approach to design. I see design as a set of tools to support human lives, and the designer’s role is to improve the contents of the human toolbox. We design tools for contemporary living.
Design has proven itself as a valid answer to some of the world’s biggest challenges, and I hope that the evolution of our field will progress even further in this direction. What matters is the impact of the solutions we bring to the table. The world is calling for ambitious clients and talented designers to work in collaborative effort towards design that can improve everyday experiences.

Kilo Founder & Head of Design. KiBiSi Founder with Bjarke Ingels and Jens Martin Skibsted.
Cannes Lions Golden Award Winner. Cannes Lions Product Design Jury Member.
Inclusion in SFMOMA’s permanent collection. Danish Design Award Winner.