My name is
Paal Smith-Meyer.
For me, design is

value —

CEO, The Carrot Collective

Member since 2009

I like to think of designing as giving shape to something new, whether that is a chair, a concept, a brand or a business. The complexity is different, still they require you to understand what they are all about and translate that into something tangible, others can engage with. Good design is a solution that works well and is sustainable and scalable.

Through good design the industries that sustain Danish society today were shaped decades ago. We need to work together across disciplines to design the industries that will bring value to Denmark and the world in the coming decades. We need to be bold, dream big and make it real. Through design we will make the future tangible. On the other hand we need to bring the ideas of design into our schools earlier, we need generations who can identify and realize new opportunities and create solutions to challenges we do not know the answer to.

Design in the future will be more diverse than what we see today. There is the traditional way of looking at design as a craft and there is the notion of design thinking. We need to separate these as it creates confusion. The past 10 years have shown that the corporate dominance of consumption is challenged by the opportunity for anyone to design and sell things, and this is only the beginning. Design thinking should be the foundation for how we prepare children to drive progress in any field.

Graduated with a 1st from Northumbria University Newcastle (Design for Industry ). Paal has worked on small and large project, built processes and organizations and helped turn around companies by creating compelling visions of the future and turn these into products and experiences that deliver repeatable and profitable business.