My name is
Signe Bindslev Henriksen.
For me, design is

human —

Architect MAA, Founder & Partner

Member since 2015

Architecture & Design is my work and my great passion. We human beings live and unfold most of our lives surrounded by spaces, interiors and design. So, working in this field does not just feel important, but also as a great responsibility since our surroundings intuitively affect our behaviour and mental balances. Creating spaces and design is about beauty and function, – but just as much about being curious to human behaviour, culture – our emotions, needs and passions. Ultimately great design can support and amplify the quality of the lives we live, understand, and join what makes us feel happy, embraced and inspired.

Architecture and design is very important to our relatively small country. We do not have many natural resources to export, but have been fortunate to live in a privileged part of the world, which has offered us the possibilities and resources to develop our sensory apparatus, to research, to explore. Relevant to the process of developing great design, maybe the fact that coming from a rough climate and living close to nature, has developed a natural understanding and belief in the values of tactile & organic materials and genuine, refined craftsmanship. Combined with this local understanding, we have also looked abroad historically, travelled a lot, been curious about other cultures – and been successful in going back and transforming our inspiration and discoveries into new ideas and design. This way of linking the world, investigating the challenges of modern lifestyle and weaving our human approach into designing our surroundings feels more important than ever.

The world and the way we relate and communicate, is developing at a very high speed and it is out of our control as individuals. It is dynamic and exciting, but it also causes cultural structures to change and us to face huge challenges in redefining real, substantial anchors in modern human lives. Therefore, the components we can control, e.g. what surrounds us and how we choose to live and socialize, become increasingly important.

Graduated as architect MAA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Founder and Partner of SPACE Architecture and Design, established in 2005. Specialized in hospitality, retail & private interiors as well as designing furniture & Lighting for Gubi, Frederica Furniture, &Tradition, Mater & Stellarworks. Interior design of some of the world’s most influential restaurants such as NOMA, 108, Geranium, Geist and the famed 11 Howard Hotel in NYC. Works now primarily with international clients in London, NYC & Tokyo.