My name is
Susse Fischer.
For me, design is

ethics —

Architect & Designer

Member since 2004

The design concept does not let itself be defined as one overall concept but must be divided into different subjects: Product design, visual design, design of surroundings, idea, service and resource design. All areas have their own definition of the concept. With that said all of the areas have some basic values in common that should be recurring within all design concepts: ethics, function, shape and aesthetics. Regardless of whether it is a product, a message, a structure or an idea, the design is an essential condition for attracting my attention.

Nature is designed down to the smallest detail – if one of the details does not work – the whole is dissolved and over time is set out of function. Virtually the same counts for design. All details represent a collective solution and entirety. If one of the details is not functioning – the design is weakened. It is the sum of details that determines whether a product, a signal, a structure or idea, becomes unique, peculiar and sustainable.

Danish Design is a good brand for Denmark. We are internationally known for Danish Design. A brand, that is worth a lot, both for our reputation and our economy. A brand we must protect, maintain and develop. We do this best if coming generations stand on the shoulders of previous generations – without stagnating and in a natural evolution of our mutual values. As designers, we are committed to show a strong ethical opinion to how design is being produced; through which processes, of which materials and how to reuse them. A cradle to cradle mindset, which is necessary for our survival. The inequality of the world is huge and many people suffer and need help to survive and create a better life – in a world of constant change.

As designers, we can be a part of changing this. Our skills and knowledge can make a difference in developing people’s lives. We must stop designing things that we have plenty of already. We need to put our energy and effort into conscious design in regards to resources and the earth that we are living both on and off – in favor of everyone. In the big global businesses, we see tiny movements towards change in the use of resources in producing new products and practicing new methods, with consideration to our lives and surroundings.

A development that design and designers can be a part of reinforcing. This tiny movement goes for both products and processes. The future role of designers will be far more methodic, analytical and argumentative. They will to a much greater extent than today, be part of disciplined teams and generate ideas that need to be translated into products and processes. For this to happen, we must change the attitude of those in charge of educating the next generations of designers. Taking care of the education system is to be ahead and not behind when it comes to the future.

Owner of fischer+design since 1983. Works with design and architecture in Denmark and internationally. Susse has amongst other things designed the Øresund train, the SAS flight cabin interior, office furniture for EFG and Gispen, elevators for KONE, a social housing complex by the name ‘Kirstinevang’, culture house ‘Baltoppen’, The Garden Scene, a felt chair for Källemo, solar power lamps, and numerous reconstructions, decor jobs and exhibitions. City-development for a number of Danish cities. Consultant assignments for e.g. RC, DSB and L&F. Partner in 11 Danesdesign 1985-96, Eden 1993-2003 and 11 Citydesign 2003-2015. Member of IDSA Jury 2005, The Academy Council for design in the public space 2002. Works as a design valuer. Receiver of the ID Award, the Brunel Award, Improving the Capital and grants from the State Art Fond.